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Kompass customers are mid-size enterprises. Because of Kompass location in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay area, a large percentage of Kompass customers are technology companies. Additionally Kompass is working with companies in the life sciences, financial services and manufacturing sectors.

Kompass sees its customers as long term partners. Kompass vision is not limited to the immediate needs of its customers; Kompass works with them to define long term project goals and generate larger returns on investments (ROI). Kompass enjoys a lot of renewed business from its customer base.

From start to finish, Kompass focuses on the strategic vision of its customers, providing the highest level of service and support. We believe the ultimate condition for our clients and Kompass to be successful is to foster a partnership strategy. Kompass prides itself on maintaining an impeccable track record of customer satisfaction. Our customers are all reference accounts. Kompass will be happy to have some of its customers share their experience with you.